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Cinema in Symphony - 16th June 2018

Saturday 16th June

Date published: Wed 27 Jun 2018   Author: I. Wiltshire   Category: Co-Curricular   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

On Saturday 16th June, students enjoyed an evening of film music at the Anvil concert hall in Basingstoke. We were treated to music from many films, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, performed by the excellent Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra. For many students, this was the first time they had seen a symphony orchestra perform live and for our GCSE music students it was an excellent opportunity to experience instruments first hand. Students were also delighted (some terrified) by the guest appearance of Darth Vader and his imperial stormtroopers!
“The concert was great. It helped give a better understanding of film music and I think it will help with the film music topic!” – Alfie, Year 9 (GCSE Music)
“It was a great and fun educational experience for everyone.” – Amy, Year 10 (GCSE Music)
“I had a staring contest with a stormtrooper. It is not recommended!” – Sasha, Year 8
“I will never forget it!” Jonathan, Year 10 (GCSE Music)

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