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Projects so far…

Let’s give you a taste of the best.

Past projects

Science – Year 7 Bulmershe CSI

 Year 7 were invited to become a Crime Scene Investigation team, using their natural brilliance in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to solve a murder in the Drama Studio. With a member of staff, who has experience in the field of Forensic Science, Year 7 Gifted and Talented were hired to investigate. There were blood spatter analysts, trace experts and problem solving detectives, working as a team to unpick the evidence and build a case that would stand up in court.

Although gruesome fun, there were many learning opportunities. Students with an interest and talent in the Sciences experienced the ‘real life’ application of an academic discipline. It allowed them to practically apply the theory behind chemical reactions to identify chemical compounds. Experts in kinaesthetic energy explored how blood responds to variables in the atmosphere, analysing when gravity and force change the flow and direction of blood trails…

So Bulmershe’s budding Scientists may begin to see the flaws in A Touch of Frost, Inspector Morse or Sherlock.


Modern Foreign Languages – Year 10 Languages at Work Workshop at Wellington College

Year 10 linguists were invited to experiment with their new knowledge of European Languages when they visited Wellington College last term. Companies from far and wide came to meet Bulmershe’s gifted language students, allowing them to explore the huge career potential of studying a language at GCSE. Companies included; GCHQ, a Government intelligence and security organisation, Cannon, a world leader in imaging products and solutions for the digital home and office, and finally, Symantec, an American company which provides computer security worldwide.

Through role play, Bulmershe’s budding linguists learnt how languages are used in the work place, experimenting with languages in different work situations. For the first time, students were able to see how their pitch perfect grammar, vocabulary and accent played out in the real world of international relations, the work place and business.

Who knows, this experience could lead our gifted linguists into international careers.

Current Projects

Gifted Business Leaders at Bulmershe take on ‘The £10 Challenge’!

What could you do with £10?

This is the buzz question for our gifted entrepreneurs, who have been given the opportunity in Year 8 and 9 to turn a ‘tenner’ into an event or product. 2014’s ‘Tenner Competition’ has been officially launched with Year 8 taking the lead. It is a national competition where tens and thousands of schools across the UK are loaned £10 and are challenged to make money, make a difference and give back to the community. Our brilliant and brightest in Year 8 have accepted this call to become the next Richard Branson or Alan Sugar; meeting every Monday lunchtime, until March, in order to discuss, plan and organise an event. In March, they shall start trading and hopefully start something special (and profitable).


The ‘Tenner Competition’ is just one of the many projects that is currently running at The Bulmershe School to encourage independence, innovation and imagination for our brightest. It allows students to extend their knowledge and understanding of business processes and practically apply these to real life business opportunities. If successful, they can begin to compete nationally.

So…a tenner…the possibilities are infinite.

For details of the Bulmershe More Able Programme please click the pdf's below:


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