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Using the power of football and appeal of professional football club’s brands Kicks aims to engage young people who may otherwise be difficult to reach.


Programme Vision


The Kicks vision is ‘to target some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country in order to create safer, stronger, more respectful communities through the development of young peoples’ potential’.


The scheme is designed to:


  • Engage young people (aged 11-19yrs) in a range of constructive activities which link to the Government’s Every Child Matters policy
  • Create routes into education, training and employment

Encourage volunteering within projects and throughout the target neighbourhoods

  • Break down barriers between the police and young people
  • Reduce crime and anti social behaviour in the targeted neighbourhoods
  • Increase the playing, coaching and officiating opportunities for participants


Proposed Outcomes

Reduce ASB and fear of crime

Increased health and reduced health inequalities

Participation in sport increased and sustained and sporting talent nurtured

Improved life chances for children and young people

Increased skills, employment, and economic prosperity

Strong, sustainable and cohesive communities

Access to out of school activities

A reduction in people not in education, employment or training

A reduction in youth offending

Breaking down barriers between young people and Thames Valley Police

Improved health and reduced health inequalities

Increased culture of respect and tolerance among young people

Increased educational standards

Increased local pride and aspirations

Reduction in alcohol and drug misuse




Kickz works with a variety of partners, including:


  • Reading FC
  • Reading FC Community Trust
  • Kickz central team
  • The Football Foundation
  • The FA
  • The Premier League
  • Thames Valley Police
  • Connexions Berkshire
  • Wokingham Borough Council
  • The Prince’s Trust


Key Statistics (for Kickz since September 2011 to Dec 2012)


  • Number of Young People in contact during reporting period – 292
  • Aggregate contact hours at Sessions – 3484.00
  • Average Contact Hours (per Young Person) – 20.15.20


Across the scheme area on days that Kickz sessions were running, the overall results for crimes often associated with young people were (reference National Kickz progress report 2009):


  • Robbery reduced 25.6%
  • Burglary reduced 9.3%
  • Violence against the person reduced 8.5%
  • Criminal damaged reduced 14%
  • 24.4% reduction in ASB
  • Select crime down 16%
  • South and West Reading Kickz stats - 1st Sept 12 - 31st Aug 13
  • Number of unique young people seen - 598
  • Male - 79.6% and Female 20.40%
  • Number of sessions delivered – 436


Kickz 2012 to present



  • Number of session hours delivered – 966


  • The average young person had 40 hours and 59 minutes positive provision


  • 54.52% of participants were from the BME community


  • 42.65% of participants were aged 16-19 years old, traditionally the hardest age group to engage


  • 158 qualifications were achieved by young people


  • 175 people volunteered in some capacity on the project


  • 35 of these were "part time" which meant that a young person volunteered for 8 sessions or more over the year


  • The support of RFC meant that 31 young people had the opportunity to watch Reading FC in the Premier League


  • 22 young people performed either before or during half time of a RFC game, showcasing their talents and improving confidence



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