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This page highlights the students that have competed at District level and higher whilst being a student at The Bulmershe School from 1996 to the present day.  These students are all recognised on our honours board, which is located outside the PE office within the PE Department.

Name Sport Level
B Storry Hockey England & Great Britain
A Reid Badminton England
M Hutt Football England
A Robinson Netball County
M Brandwood Hockey County
M Fox Rugby County
M Chapman Hockey County
A Haydon Golf County
J Christopher Football District


Name Sport Level
F Stewart Netball County
R Champion Swimming County
J Dabrowski Athletics County


Name Sport Level
C Ballard Athletics County
J Costa Rugby County
C Bell Rugby County
M Hutt Football England


Name Sport Level
N Bramall Hockey County
J Garwood Athletics County
S Tariq Cricket County
Q Abbas Cricket County
R Dolan Football District
J Hamilton Football District
J Costa Rugby Berks/Bucks/Oxon
C Lewis Netball County
C Mills Netball County
H Margan Netball County
J Garwood Netball County
D Adams Hockey County
D Keel Hockey County
E Yates Hockey County
L Weller Gymnastics County


Name Sport Level
G Meredith Golf County
N Caswell Football Berks/Bucks/Oxon
C Hobson Rugby County
S Dodson Rugby County
A Dias Rugby County Dev Squad
R Burton Rugby County Dev Squad
A Kahn Rugby County Dev Squad
M Joliffe Rugby County Dev Squad
A Gosling Rugby County Dev Squad
I Cadle Rugby County Dev Squad
G Trinder Judo Great Britain


Name Sport Level
J Garwood Netball South
S Griffith Football County
P Howard Football County
T Tully Rugby South
R Farrow Rugby South
B Watkinson Trampolining National
D Adams Hockey South
J Watson Hockey South
S Glover Hockey South
J Farrow Hockey South
D Keel Hockey South
J Webb Hockey South
J Thomson Tennis County
B Gordon Football District
D Bool Rugby  County


Name Sport Level
T Maycock Rugby County
A Hargun Cricket  County
K Kamal Cricket County
R Cunningham Rugby County
R Prince Rugby County
E Jerome Football District
M Rajput Football District
B Duggan Ice Hockey District
S Bennett Kayaking Great Britain
A Walter Rugby County
K Patterson Hockey County


Name Sport Level
K Cahill Sports Aerobics Great Britain
S Houghton Netball County Dev Squad
B Needham Rugby County Dev Squad
R Palmer Football County Dev Squad
D Horsecroft Football District
V Vrapquani Hockey District
E Tyler Hockey County
R Alvarez Hockey County
E Glover Athletics County
S Pallett Wushu - Kung Fu National
M Pallett Wushu - Kung Fu National
L McCann Hockey County
H Raby Hockey County
C Ryman Swimming County
A Ryman Swimming County
A Thomas Swimming County
D Thomas Swimming County
J Blakey Cricket County


Name Sport Level
C Farrance Sports Aerobics Great Britain
S Chance Sports Aerobics Great Britain
J Hammerton Hockey County
D Gosling Football District
M Tyler Athletics County
P Charij Rowing  National
J Hardy Hockey County
G Lamothe Athletics  County
J Henderson Athletics County
K Patterson Hockey County
E McCann Hockey County
S Houghton Netball County


Name Sport Level
L Champion Basketball England
O Farrance Aerobic Gymnastics Great Britain
S Chance Aerobic Gymnastics Great Britain
S Carson Cricket County
A Phiri Football District


Name Sport Level
S Addison Hockey County
A Baggie Football England
S Wallen-Russell Tennis County
K Wallen-Russell Tennis County
C Chard Football Centre of Excellence
M Hussain Cricket District


Name Sport Level
C Glancy Aerobic Gymnastics Great Britain
S Addison Athletics County
J Bobb Cricket County
V Kumar Cricket County
M Tyler Golf County
D Gosling Rugby County
A Pike Athletics County
C Stewart Athletics County
H Randell Athletics District
J Pitt Cycling / Rugby National / County
A Haggar Cycling Great Britain
T Barltrop Cross Country County
J Henderson Cross Country County
E Da Costa Cricket District


Name Sport  Level
D Thompson Golf County
C Mitchell Karting National


Name Sport Level
M Saidybah Athletics District
G Wendling Athletics District
A Jassal Cricket County
C Boyd Rugby County
H Chrystal-Ryan Football / Athletics County / District
L Lawrence Football County
S Hawkes Football / Rugby County / County
K Spence Football County
T Pearce Rugby County
A Thompson Dragon Boat Racing Great Britain
S Carson Cricket County
J Donaldson Football County
L Athlerley Football County
U Koroha Football County
T Barltrop Athletics District
D Horsecroft Football County


Name Sport Level
J Mew Football County
A Phiri Football County
J Stubbs Rugby County
A Littleboy Hockey County
D Wirth Athletics County
R Prince Athletics County
D Adams Athletics County
S Gray Football County
G Lamothe Athletics Great Britain


Name Sport  Level
H Cresswell-Melstrom Latin & Ballroom Dancing Great Britain
A Buckner Golf County
L Lawrence Football County
R McGuire Football County
K Spence Football County
J Millar Athletics District
H Chrystal-Ryan Athletics District
B Gurung Athletics District
J Stubbs Rugby County


Name Sport Level
A Buckner Golf Regional
K Vidzupe Athletics All England Schools
C Wright Athletics District
G Dodd Athletics District
F Keightley Athletics District
J Millar Athletics District
J Stubbs Athletics District
J Medford Athletics District
H Chrystal-Ryan Athletics District
E Stacey Bowls County
D Handover Bowls County
B Claridge Bowls County
C Zmuda Athletics District
L Gingell Rugby County
C Sims Football County
S Osei Football County
J Goddard Football County
C Boyd Rugby County


Name Sport Level
G Bedford Athletics District
C Zmuda Athletics District
E Lewis Athletics District
K Vidzupe Athletics All England Schools
J Millar Athletics District
L Gingell Rugby / Athletics County / District
B McMillan Swimming County
A Rowell Swimming County


Name Sport Level
G Townsend Football / Athletics County / District
M Adams Athletics District
B McMillan Athletics District
G Bedford Athletics District
N Limbu Athletics District
J Millar Athletics District
C Pithers Athletics District
S Hutchings Athletics County
I Harrison Athletics District
A Gines Athletics District
R Whalley Athletics District
R Omary Athletics District
D Nduyimana Athletics District
L Gingell Rugby County
N Legg Rugby County


Name Sport Level
Lewis Goddard Darts County
Georgia Townsend Football County
Chelsi Grimes Athletics District
Jack Millar Athletics District
Godson Olimah Athletics District
Katrina Vidzupe Athletics National
Ross Wheeler Kick Boxing National
Karly Voyce Athletics District
Jessica Sutherland Rugby County


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