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The Bulmershe School Council gives all students the opportunity to voice their views and ideas on the development and improvement of their School, its facilities, and the education that it provides them.
 The Bulmershe School Council is led by the Executive Committee which is made up of Sixth Formers.
Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 each have their own Year Councils which are made up of representatives from each form group and led by members of the Executive.




There are half termly Year Council meetings, weekly Executive Committee meetings, and the Council leaders attend a School Leadership meeting with the Headteacher once a half term.
School Council Executive meetings and Year Council meetings are held in the Library.
All Year Council and Executive Committee members are issued with a Badge of Office to help identify their important position on the School Council.

Year 7 Council Form Class Representatives;



Emilie Bishop  Cousins, M  7UF
Airah Alvarado Cousins, M  7UF
Sahil Khan Tarvin, M  7HS
Olivia Andrews Tarvin, M  7HS
Salah Eldein S Clissit 7MH
Sameera Mohamed  S Clissit 7MH
Anya Welsh Mr Owen 7EH
Charlie Shelton Mr Owen 7EH
Isabella Harty  Mr Camichel 7LH
Lia Townsend-Borecki Mr Camichel 7LH
Chloe Irwin  O' Higgins  7SH
David Davies  Scott, C 7RH
MIkka Jacobs Scott, C 7RH
Ewan Coldman-Mason A Farrugia 7BF
Nikola Wojtyra A Farrugia 7BF
Oliver King  A Farrugia 7BF
Josiah Howell  I Fernandez 7ES
Poppy Church I Fernandez 7ES
Kenzie Day 7FH R Chen 7FH

Year 8 Council Form Class Representatives;



Demelza Hill Mrs Boyer EH
Sam Fry Mrs Boyer EH
Emilia Clacy  Miss I Wiltshire MH
Tyler Garcia  Miss I Wiltshire MH
Jordan Mutai  Mrs GRIER ES
Vasiliki Bourma Mrs GRIER ES
Jakub Guntrip  Mr. D. Norris  BF
Zahra Qadri  Mr. D. Norris  BF
Raman Chadda wray, m  RH
Millie Rowell     wray, m  RH
Georgia Humphries  A Hurst LH
Isobel Carson  A Hurst LH
Alana Smith L Harris HS
Zachary Champion l Harris HS
Demelza Hill Mrs Boyer EH
Sam Fry Mrs Boyer EH

Year 9 Council Form Class Representatives;



Paris McFarlane  Mr S Bradbury BF
Ahmed Salah  Mr S Bradbury BF
Josie Froude Garrard, S  EH
Sydnee Stokes Garrard, S  EH
Akanksha Marepalli Garrard, S  EH
Attiyah Asghar Garrard, S  EH
Jake Jessop E O’Reilly UF
Leonie Taylor E O’Reilly UF
Eva Cramer Mr Sharland HS
Scarlett Shipp Mr Sharland HS
Ryan Nicholls Mr Sharland HS
Nicola Harrison Mrs Yerraquntla LH
Amy Smith Mrs Yerraquntla LH

Year 10 Council Form Class Representatives;



Wiktoria Pisarkiewicz Hudson, K  ES
Lewis Stringfellow Hudson, K  ES
Sharon Herath Mrs Potter UF
Jawaad Hussain Mrs Potter UF
Chloe Robinson Mr Mungall MH
Benjamin Aitken Mr Mungall MH
Reuben Clacy  Miss Webb RH
Shruti Suanand  Miss Webb RH
Michael Jamroz  Mrs Sandels EH
Seth Kohler Mr Mathia BF
Nausika Napiersky Mr Mathia BF

Year 11 Council Form Class Representatives;



Tolu Rotimi Mr Hulley MH
Finnuala O’Higgins Mr Hulley MH
Tom Hegarty  Mr Mooney RH
Leah Smith Mr Mooney RH
Nicole Rosalino Mr Ogada EH
Yogi Paudyal Mr Ogada EH
Messa Mwakanosya Mr Latif BF
Aaisha Munir Mr Latif BF

Head Boy      Jack Millar

Head Girl       Mufaro Muza

Deputy Head boy   Sam Jacobs

Deputy Head girl    Alice Grout

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