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English at The Bulmershe School

English at Bulmershe is a very exciting and intellectually challenging subject where our students are actively involved in their own learning and encouraged to work with increasing independence as well as collaboratively. We offer a wide and diverse curriculum; for example, choral readings of Beowulf, performances of the 32-second Macbeth, shadowing the Carnegie, writing our own dystopia. As well as enjoying literature from our literary heritage, our students begin to appreciate literature from other cultures and traditions and understand the importance of English for life. They are encouraged to talk, read and write as experts from developing informed opinions and reasonable argument to remembering the emphasis we can create through the dash – or the rat lurking in separate!

We expect the very best from each of our students from Key Stage 3 to GCSE where they follow the Edexcel programme of study in both English Language and  English Literature, and of course, at GCE. Their learning is underpinned by reading between the lines, interpreting both word and image, writing with increasing clarity, coherence and cohesion and speaking with increasing fluency and flair. As well as achieving excellent results at GCSE, we are a very popular choice at A Level where our students enjoy continued success in studying either English Literature, or English Language and Literature.

We have our own suite of rooms in the E block which is colourfully decorated with student work and records of their successes in school and in local and national competitions. Teaching and learning are supported with excellent resources, including ICT, which are easily accessed and continuously updated and developed. We are also very proud to have our own reading area.

Teaching Staff

Should you wish to contact a teacher in this department please email the head of department and copy to our office email. (

This will mean we can ensure a swift response.

Mrs A. E. Dench: Subject Leader -

Miss A. Davies: Assistant Subject Leader of English –

Mrs T. Edwards: Head of Year 7

Mrs G. Norris: Head of Year 9

Mrs N. Barrett-Johnson: Head of Year 12

Mr C. Mooney: Co-ordinator of Media Studies

Miss N. Webb: Teacher of English

Mrs M. Wray: Teacher of English

Miss R. Buckland: Teacher of English

Miss R Reilly: Teacher of English

Extra-Curricular Activities

Key Stage 3 Book Club: Monday Lunch-time E6 – Miss A. Davies & Sixth Formers

Key Stage 4 Book Club: Monday Lunch-time E9 – Mrs A. Dench

Public Speaking Society: Tuesday Lunch-time E7 – Miss N. Webb

Poetry by Heart: Thursday Lunch-time E9 – Mrs A. Dench & Mrs M. Wray

All years Film Club: Friday Lunch-time E3 – Mr C. Mooney & Sixth Formers

Key Stage 3 English Support: Wednesday Afternoon E6 – Miss A. Davies

Extra-curricular GCSE Media: Wednesday Afternoon E3 – Mr C. Mooney

Key Stage 4 Support: Thursday Afternoon E9 – Mrs A. E. Dench

Scrabble Club: Friday Lunch-time E2 – Mrs T. Edwards

For course details please click on the PDF document below.

For revision resources please click the 'English revision Apr 17' pdf below.

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