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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour and is studied at Key Stage 5 at The Bulmershe School.  It helps us to answers questions such as: Do I conform to others and society? How do I recall information?  Which personality types are more likely to be stressed?  What part does the brain play in addictive behaviour?

During the AS Psychology course you will study Memory, Attachment, Stress, Social Influence, and Abnormality.  In the A2 course, the topics include Relationships, Aggression, Eating Behaviour, Depression and Addiction.  Research Methods is studied at both AS and A2 and using this knowledge, you will have the opportunity to design and carry out your own research studies.

At Bulmershe, we have good links with the School of Psychology at the University of Reading and we run an annual visit to their research laboratories.  You will have the opportunity to see how some of the research that you learn about in class is conducted.

Psychology complements most other A Level subjects well and you will develop your research skills and ability to critically analyse and evaluate.  These skills are highly sought after by both universities and employers.

Teaching Team

Dr N Jigounova, Faculty Leader
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