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The School: Closure of the school due to bad weather

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Dear Parents/Carers,

BBC weather is indicating that over the coming weeks the weather could become increasingly wintry (see the BBC weather report below). In the event of the school having to close an announcement will be clearly posted on the home page of the website, on our Twitter and Facebook page and on local radio. Students will be able to access work via the Doddle homework app.

Monday 21 January—Sunday 3 February

An increasing chance of cold, wintry weather.

There continue to be increasing chances of some cold, wintry weather through late January and into the start of February. 
In our previous outlooks, we have mentioned developments in the upper atmosphere over the North Pole. 
At the start of January, there was a dramatic rise in the temperature of the arctic stratosphere. 
Meteorologists call this kind of event a Sudden Stratospheric Warming or SSW. 
They happen several times per decade and are part of the natural variability of the global climate system.

The recent SSW event combined with other global scale weather patterns means that the UK has an increased threat of significantly colder weather developing as we head through the final third of January and into February.

Most likely are for conditions to become generally colder from the north but also somewhat drier and less windy. There is the elevated chance of occasional snow, though, initially for the north of the UK before this risk extends to southern areas too.

The main uncertainty is over the duration of the expected colder spell of weather - there are chances that occasionally milder, wetter and breezier conditions could spread from the west at times. Overall, though, conditions are expected to be colder than recently.




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